About Us

Welcome to Eco Hip Products – We’re a philanthropic company that fosters healthy living with unique and innovative products, such as; loose leaf teas, innovative loose leaf tea steep ware, home – bath products & eco-friendly infant clothes.

Before bringing one of our creations to market, we do extensive research to make sure they are simple to use, cutting edge, and unique from anything else in the category. We only select quality products to ensure that the products that you buy are unique and special – our goal is to make people say “Where did you get that… I want one.”


Our goal is to provide people the choice of buying products that they can feel good about and be confident that their purchase has a positive effect on people, animals and the environment.

Our goal for a better health fuels a dedication to handcrafting products that we know you’ll love. We strive to make each product as timeless as the sky’s around us, as innovative as our community. With one foot steeped in tradition and the other outstretched towards a healthier future.

Company Overview

EcoHipProducts.com is an independent family run business, supplying a variety of your green needs. Our passion is fueled by our philosophy of helping others along with healthy living!


Eco Hip Products
10681 Porter Lane
San Jose, CA 95127