• The Steep Stir is here!

    Posted on December 12, 2013 by in The Steep Stir


    Hey there all you tea drinkers and connoisseurs of premium loose leaf tea.  Eco Hip Products™ is proud to announce the launching of our flagship product, “The Steep Stir” tea infuser.  Our unique 100% stainless steel sleek modern design is portable and great for taking your tea steeping tool to work, school, travel, etc….

    A New Way to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea 

    Teabags have been a convenient way to brew a single cup of tea for decades. Now there’s a new way to brew the perfect individual cup of tea no matter where you are. The Steep Stir™ tea infuser makes it possible for tea connoisseurs and occasional partakers to get the flavor they want from any kind of loose leaf tea.

    The most important step in brewing loose tea is to steep it to the flavor you prefer. You’ll want to experiment with different types of tea before you know the best time for each one. All loose teas take at least a minute of steeping, but seldom more than two minutes. The exception is white tea, frequently left to sit for up to three minutes to get the maximum flavor. The longer tea steeps, the deeper the flavor. If it’s left too long, though, it can produce a bitter taste.

    As a tea drinker, I’ve noticed the subtle and blatant differences between types of teas and the flavors they produce. When comparing the results of bags to the loose variety of flavors, I choose loose tea whenever possible. What makes the difference? Bagged tea includes the small, most broken forms of leaves, known as fannings. On the other hand, loose leaf tea consists of more flavorful full and slightly broken leaves. The natural flavor and freshness seems to remain in loose tea much longer.

    The Steep Stir™ uses the loose form of tea. Add a teaspoon to this stainless steel infuser, place it in the cup, and pour hot water over it. Let it brew to the flavor you like best. You can make up to 4 separate cups of delicious green or white tea. Use the infuser to make up to five cups of Oolong or scented tea.

    Rinse the tea infuser when you’re finished making tea. That reduces remaining flavor that can change the taste of the next day’s special beverage. What is your favorite type of loose leaf tea and brewing time?